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Hall Green Baptist church consists of a group of people who have become convinced that Jesus Christ, after his crucifixion, was resurrected, and have as a result become his disciples.

None of us were born Christians, but each one became a disciple when we believed him and his claims. We are trusting that his view of God, the world, our human predicament, and the future, is entirely accurate and true. Every Christian’s testimony of how they came to believe is unique, but each one shares certain things in common:

  1. We all came to recognise that God is a real, living being, who made us and to whom we are accountable.
  2. We all realised we had broken the laws he gave us, making us culpable for what has gone wrong with our world.
  3. Realising our offences were directed against God, we asked for his forgiveness and accepted his solution for our forgiveness. His solution being that Christ was sent to this earth specifically to die in the place of sinners, and pay the debt we owe to God.
  4. We all have gladly received Jesus as our Saviour, and love him because he first loved us. We now desire to show our gratitude by serving him.

A personal story

For me personally, in my early twenties, with no background of church attendance, and no particular thoughts of religion, it was the idea of resurrection that made me think. When I first heard the Christian message, of how we need to be forgiven before we meet with God on judgement day, it seemed to me only one alternative view of many. How could anybody know the answers? If however a man truly died, (not simply a near death experience!), and came back to life again, surely this man could provide some answers.

On investigation I was amazed how much evidence, (yes, I do mean evidence), there was in support of the resurrection of Jesus. I was convinced, and believed in him. Experiences similar to mine are happening all the time, because we believe God is alive and constantly working in the lives of all of us.

An invitation

At Hall Green our focus is on the worship of God, and making the gospel known to others. We would especially invite any who simply want to be informed about the Christian faith, so you can be equipped to make your choice. It is my experience that many people make wrong assumptions about Christianity without knowing the facts. There are so many messages out there, (some under the guise of Christianity), it is advisable to take a close look before deciding.

With that in mind enjoy your browse through our website and please feel free to get in touch. If you are local, we would especially recommend our morning service for a first visit, and our “Simply Christianity” course for enquirers.  Watch the short video below for further information on this course.

Mick Lockwood, Elder at Hall Green

Hall Green leadership Team

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