Invest your Suffering by Paul Mallard

This was recommended by two friends in different places, and so I bought it, thinking it might be helpful for me and/or to pass on to others struggling with the issue of suffering and ‘where is God?’ This book is warmly recommended too by Fiona Castle, Faith Cooke, Brian Edwards and Pablo Martinez among others.  

This is the true story of Paul and Edrie Mallard and their journey through suffering as serious illness entered their lives when Edrie was expecting their fourth child over 20 years ago. Told by Paul, it presents a very honest account of his love for Edrie and his pain at her pain caused by a mysterious disabling illness which nearly caused her death at the delivery of their child. Now in a wheelchair and often in great pain, Edrie, and Paul can testify to their having learned so much more of God’s goodness in this place of suffering.

Paul discovers something of the depths of God’s unfailing love and compassion, his all-knowing wisdom and explains how God spoke to them through Bible characters such as Job and David and through Bible passages such as Psalm 139 and Psalm 18 v30: ‘As for God, His way is perfect’ the Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all those who take refuge in Him.’ That last verse came to Paul when Edrie was so ill in hospital at 8 months pregnant. He was allowed to take her out in a wheelchair for an hour and as they sat and watched a cricket match he was able to share with her what he believed God was showing him, that they had to hand this over completely to God.   

There is so much more useful, helpful content in this interesting, readable book and I warmly recommend it: for your own soul’s sake to help you to think biblically, maybe for your own situation or so you may encourage those who are suffering and struggling in it. Let’s not waste whatever difficulties God has allowed in our lives but invest them so that we may prove God’s grace and that they might be a source of great blessing. 

This book ends with a reminder that for the Christian believer, the best is yet to come, quoting from 2 Corinthians 4v16-18).

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