A son is given

The earlier chapters set out the deep disappointment of God (despite giving them very incentive), concerning his people's commitment to Him.  King Ahaz lets a promise of miracle on the part of...

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Sunday Morning Recording

We are sorry but due to technical issues the rcording from Sunday 6th AM did not record properly so this will not be published.


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Life in the 'gap'

The world is not as God intended it to be and it's not as we'd like it to be. Neither are we like we're supposed to be – our attitudes, actions, thoughts and deeds are all contaminated by sin...

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Lamentations 3

Lamentations is an acrostic poem built up upon twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet to help those who wish to memorise it. Its overall message is one of sorrow at the overthrow of Gods' people...

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Contact Form

Hi All

If you have sent a message recenly and we have not replied, this will be as the conact form is not working as it should.


I am currently working on this and wil...

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