James Chapter 2 verses 1-9

This James is the younger half-brother of Jesus the highly respected leader of the Jerusalem church. Between the death of Porcius Festus (62AD) and the arrival of his successor Albinus, the High Pr...

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Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation assures persecuted and suffering Christians in their struggles against forces of evil; that God sees their tears; he hears their prayers which are significant in world affairs; their dea...

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Order or chaos?

It’s easy to miss that Christ, the sun, is holding all the planets of our life in orbit. If the planets of our life; our habits, attitudes, disciplines, friendship, feelings, though...

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Audio Issue


I am sorry to say we have an audio fault.  Yesterdays sermons were recorded however the quality was so poor I could not publish this.

I will be going in today to take a look...

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Noor Ministries

We have recieved a message from Sajida for Christmas.

The children, staff and Sajida at Noor Ministries send you their love and very best wishes for a Happy Christmas.  We had a lovely...

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