Easter Monday. What happened next?

Easter Monday…….what happened next?

In the UK we celebrate Easter Monday as a Bank holiday that means just another day of
work for most people and busy roads full of day trippers and shoppers. But that’s not the
case in other countries. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition Easter Monday is also known as
Bright Monday, or Renewal Monday and Wet Monday (because people pour water over one
another not because of the weather!). It really should be a day of celebration.

Imagine you were Mary or Peter or any of Christ’s disciples they had just witn
essed Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday, the Death on Saturday and the untold Joy of the Resurrection on
Easter Sunday. See John 19:27- John 20:18

How would you feel? You wouldn’t just go back to work – thinking ‘wow, that was an
amazing weekend!’ You would be stunned, overjoyed, confused and asking ‘did that really
happen? Is this a dream?’ But it is real. The unbelievable Good News. Because of the Cross,
and because of the Empty Tomb, Monday is different. Everything is changed.

Some people celebrate Easter merely as a religious or secular holiday. Come Monday
everything is over. For Christians Monday is the first day of the rest of our renewed,
restored and resurrected lives. We get to serve Christ on Easter Monday and the rest of our
lives. This Sunday and every Sunday we get to celebrate the cross and resurrection of Jesus
all over again – because now the first day of every week has become the Lord’s Day!