Sermon Tube.

Hi all.

We have created a site where audio will be held (as well as on this site).  The difference will be that other churches can sign up and post sermons on the site too.  

At the moment we are the only ones posting but in time others will too.  Please sign up to the site if you have not already.  

The site is

If you Click Here you can create a new user account.

You then can assign a church to your account.  If you click your username on the right and then click edit profile in the dropdown menu.

Then click church on the small menu on the left (Should only be profile and church options).

You then can choose your church name in the dropdown menu.  if your church is not on the list then submit a new church, this will then add the church name to the list.

Hall Green Users will get a music option as we will use this to listen to new songs we are learning.  So if you are coming to Hall Green and want to know new songs before Sunday, sign up ASAP.