Psalm 141

If your employment at this time of year means you have to set off in the dark and then return home in the dark then this psalm could be your evening prayer. It is especially true if your day has, in another sense, meant swimming with sharks in your place of work! Let us bring the prayer into your living room.

“Lord, there being no-one to see us I fall at your feet. The right words are failing me. I can only let my feelings tumble out so I ask you to put them in proper order. It has been a dreadful day at work. From tomorrow I do not want my Christian life to be a sham. I do not want to behave like some of my colleagues. I want not bargain with situational ethics.

I need shrewd insight and to be street-wise without climbing downwards to their level. When I come to think of it Lord, I want to conquer at all levels, at home, work, school, leisure, on holiday and even when I am at church. I want to be genuine. Teach me how to survive as one of your blood-bought children in complex, fast-moving, unsympathetic and often hostile environment that does not recognise Christian values or life-style.” Let’s do it together, Lord. Amen.