Acts 2

Acts chapter 2 is a pivotal chapter in the New Testament. It is not a problem. It is people that bring problems to it. In Verses 1-13 Luke describes the event. In verses 14-36 Luke gives the explanation. From verse 37 Luke outlines the result.

The day of Pentecost came in its fullness in terms of God’s timing, place and people. For the first time ever the Holy Spirit is forcefully poured out into persons. It was a spectacular inaugural event. All present received the Holy Spirit. All began to speak in recognised intelligible languages to take back the gospel to far-flung regions where they lived. It is the testimony of the apostles and Paul (Acts 10:44-48; Eph.1: 13-14; Col 1:27 and many more) that God the Holy Spirit came to dwell permanently within true believers.

The Holy Spirit does not come to visit the believer and then depart. He comes to stay. He does not come in instalments. He comes in his completeness. Now that’s good news.