Acts Chapter 17 verses 16-32

Paul alone in Athens awaits the arrival of his companions. Athens was a forest of temples; a feast for one of their ‘gods’ every day; Merchants and sailors; inns and dancing girls; philosophers and mystic cults thrived. Making his way to Mars hill, a recognised debating venue, he met the Epicureans the pleasure seekers and at the other extreme, the austere stoics.

Paul’s speech demolished their understanding of where Truth is to be found. When he spoke of the significance of the bodily resurrection of Christ they rejected it. It did not fit neatly into their world view. Paul invited them to climb higher, by submitting their minds to receive the wisdom of God revealed in Christ, instead of insisting on God submitting to their speculations. This month Christians will celebrate Easter with exultant joy. The sceptics have not gone away they are still with us.