James Chapter 2 verses 1-9

This James is the younger half-brother of Jesus the highly respected leader of the Jerusalem church. Between the death of Porcius Festus (62AD) and the arrival of his successor Albinus, the High Priest summoned the Sanhedrin and accused James of breaking the law. He had James was summarily executed.

He is thrown the temple walls, stoned, but finding him still alive, is beaten to death by the temple laundry man with a huge wooden stick. James’s letter is full of exhortations delivered in a no nonsense fashion. For example, in 2:1-9 the place is not the temple but the synagogue.

James warned the congregation about being pompous or judgmental on receiving visitors. The same is true for us today whether it be visitors to the Parish church or a non-conformist place of worship. Cliques have no place our fellowships. Do you look out for the visitor standing alone and then deliberately make the effort to greet them, make feel wanted, and welcome?