The Damascus Road

Saul of Tarsus was of the school of Judaism. Paul was of the school of the gospel. When we read the account of Pauls' dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus we recognise its unique features. It was very public and spectacular and in nowadays could undoubtedly be the subject of an epic film. But we must not forget that our own coming to saving faith in Christ whether it was in public or private circumstances is not less wonderful, effectual and life-changing for us. It has enriched our lives and given purpose to them. We shudder to think where we would be today had it not be been for God's arresting grace towards us. The gospel's feet ran after us, its hands grabs us, and it laid us low making look up to God. The Lord may not endow us with the gifts Paul was given nor mercifully call us to suffer as he did but we all can be used by Him in the furtherance of the Kingdom. Let there be the willing heart and we shall discover that God by His Spirit will use us to bring others to Christ because we know the Damascus is still open to all.