Through Jesus, therefore. Let us continually to offer to God a sacrifice of praise.

What does the English word 'worship' mean? In Anglo-Saxon it is 'wearthscipe' or 'worth ship', meaning to attribute worth to an object. In divine-human relationships it is to worship God, ascribing to Him supreme worth, for He alone is worthy to receive the adoration of men and women, boys and girls. We ought never to be at a loss for reasons to praise God. Nowadays Christians in the corporate setting of worship often express themselves with a different emphasis. Some prefer a reflective ordered service. Others are drawn to a more up-beat form. Music is not neutral and again preferences emerge for different groupings and polarisation is inevitable as choices are made. But whatever practical outworking worship may take among Christians they are at their best when they are engaged in it! We must all ask ourselves the question, When did I last enter into true praising God or am I in a rut just going through some perfunctory exercise when I meet with others Christians? Ask God to shake you out of that torpor.