Far from home and the joy of being home again.

The likely background is the Psalmist feeling far from home in unfamiliar surroundings especially missing the reassuring sight of his place of worship. He is exclaiming that he is emotionally exhausted and languishing in a desert brought on by a drought of familiar things and people. He cannot fathom the inscrutable ways of God's personal dealings with him. Such is often the experience of those far from home for any reason in particular for the first time in the campus setting. Eager to cut the apron strings of home the 'fresh' often discovers that freedom has its drawbacks and the reality of being genuinely homesick over whelms them. Tears flow. It's is no joke and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Psalm 43 expresses the relief at literally being home again, (not just in mind), however brief, in familiar surroundings among people he knows and who know him and the place of worship (temple?), comes in to view. Tears of joy are shed. When we feel far from God- guess who has moved away? It is a lesson in how to keep ourselves in the love of God. 2 Peter 1: 3-11