Welcome to Hall Green

Welcome to the website of Hall Green Baptist Church. For those of you in a hurry, details of our meetings can be found via the ‘What’s On’ link above. For those of you with time to browse, we would especially recommend ‘The Word’ section of the site which is updated most weeks and includes last Sunday's sermons in audio.  If we can be of any assistance, please get in touch through the email link on the right of each page.  

Hall Green's Coffee Morning

Please join us each Thursday morning for coffee and a chat at Chapel between 10:00am and 12:00 Noon.  This is a great opportunity to meet with new people, both visitors to the area and from the community. All are welcome!

"Romans 10: 8-13 faith alone in Christ alone".

Faith itself does no save. It is the channel through which a new status and relationship with God is appropriated. It is itself a gift from God. Faith can be described as an entire and complete reliance on the promise of God in Christ for salvation, over against the individual trusting in his own works. The individual contributes nothing to his salvation. It is freely received through sincere repentance towards God and faith in Christ's finished work at Calvary. The sinner is reconciled to God. But reconciliation is more than the absence of hostility and the bringing about of peace. That is true, but there is more. It is the realisation on the part of the forgiven sinner of new relationship between himself and God that expresses itself not in a cold formality but with the vitality of one who has real assurance of acceptance. Faith is not in opposition to good works which are subsequently done by the sinner in union with Christ because they are the solid evidence of the life-changing experience of a person who knows he has passed from spiritual death to spiritual life. Do you have this assurance?


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